Living From The Heart Episode 34 with Celine Williamson

Tina Thrussell’s guest on the #LivingFromTheHeart show is a feisty elder whose personal experience of forced adoption compelled her to venture into an unusual life path of unchartered territory; Celine Williamson developed a unique method ( ) to support and guides families facing the on-going challenges of the post-adoption journey. Nowhere near ready to retire, Celine is Director of the Canadian Institute of Psychogeneology (the art and science of self-knowledge), where she actively helps natural mothers and adoptees, as well as members of their families, achieve a peaceful resolution with the past. Tune in Wed morning and engage with Tina and Celine LIVE, to catch her wisdom at 9 am Mtn April 22nd. Tune in LIVE every Wednesday at 9 am Mtn on the FB page “Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart” to be uplifted and inspired.…

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